Wo finde ich Informationen über die Änderungen der ePages-Version?


Die Änderungen bis zur Version 7.80.0 finden Sie unter: https://epages.com/de/release-notes/

Einige weitere Änderungen werden unter https://features.epages.com/ beschrieben. Jedoch betreffen nicht alle Angaben dort die Nutzer von ePages Base.

Die Änderungen nach ePages 7.80.0 finden Sie daher in nachfolgender Übersicht:

6.17.144 / 7.90.0:

  • AD-11357:   GSS - Google Ads sdk update for API v14    
  • AD-11429:   Title tags in the order process
  • AD-11437:   GoogleSmartShopping - Add link "go to next tab"    
  • AD-11537:   TaxMatrixUS: Unable to view orders    
  • AD-11549:   Idealo - Implement Data Feed filter by Stock    
  • UNITY-8570: Customer-specific pricing in Now corrupts export+import of Bulk Prices, needs own export function    
  • UNITY-8592: Implement deposit handling in NOW    
  • UNITY-8636: UNITY: Invoice Format - Delivery address is overlapping    
  • UNITY-8669: Delete guided tours: General guided tour and guided tour for products    
  • UNITY-8682: Alias of lineitem without name is displayed in the basket    
  • UNITY-8701: UNITY: Invoices: delivery address only on first page    
  • UNITY-8702: Logo not changing in the checkout if domain with umlauts is used    
  • UNITY-8708: Paypal Checkout error message

6.17.143 / 7.89.0:

  • UNITY-8642:  Now: ELogistics: Error message for "Free shipping from the following order value"
  • UNITY-8639:  UnitySF: Variation product - Dropdown field of attribute list shows wrong stock level status, if stock level field is empty
  • UNITY-8637:  Change revenue "from the last 30 days" to "current month"
  • UNITY-8623:  Meta Catalog - CSV export file is empty when language DE is not in the shop
  • UNITY-8614:  NOW: Delete legal tour completely
  • UNITY-8504:  Link Help Video: Product Variations Empty
  • UNITY-8502:  Base MBO: Create Order: Gross price is used if product has a price list
  • UNITY-8190:  Customizable products: Move head line for customizable text (general default text)  to settings page for product display in MBO
  • UNITY-7974:  Display prices in SF when customer is logged in in NOW SF
  • AD-11506:    .php files respond with 200 (instead of better 404)
  • AD-11499:    Tax for digital products shows 19%
  • AD-11346:    Deprecate the IGFS Cartridge

6.17.142 / 7.88.0:

  • UNITY-8561:  Customisable products: increase number of characters for headline
  • UNITY-8556:  ProductService.pm prints ObjectID unnecessarily
  • UNITY-8548:  Dashboard notification (NOW) for the Menu-Type switch
  • UNITY-8515:  PayPalPPCP - Implement Payment Fields
  • UNITY-8514:  PayPalPPCP - Implement 'onShippingChange' of JS SDK
  • UNITY-8495:  UnityMBO: CustomizedTextUnity vs. deposit
  • UNITY-8477:  REST API: set bulk prices for a product
  • UNITY-8471:  Mollie - Use API v2 to create sign up link
  • UNITY-8463:  MBO/ Now: Renaming the payment method
  • UNITY-8398:  MBO/ Now: Automatic notification when an order is placed in MBO
  • EPUI-2221:   There is a product for which image does not load
  • UD-182:      Zettle: import already running error on initial export (IMPORT_ALREADY_STARTED)

6.17.141 / 7.87.0:

  • UNITY-8550:  reCaptcha - Base: MBO setting is visible if keyvalues in epages.conf are empty
  • UNITY-8540:  0% VAT no longer applied since rollout of 7.85.0
  • UNITY-8536:  Google Tag Manager - GTM ID can exceed 7 characters
  • UNITY-8522:  Now: PriceLists for customer groups will be not created after assigning pricelist feature
  • UNITY-8503:  Show preview of meta description in the MBO in the Search Engine Entry section
  • UNITY-8490:  Google PMax on SF Base (Backend Part)
  • UNITY-8484:  Google PMax on SF Base (SF Part)
  • UNITY-8452:  PayPal Checkout settings preview
  • UNITY-8420:  Unity invoice: Shop name and company name are in sender field - this is too much
  • UNITY-8418:  Now/MBO: Incorrect calculation of tax in orders with using VAT ID at delivery address
  • UNITY-8352:  Meta Catalog Integration
  • UNITY-8238:  Now/ StoreFront: Second language defined in the shop does not switch correctly
  • AD-11447:    Ogone: Deprecate Postfinance for Base and Unity shops
  • AD-11446:    Deprecate Saferpay New
  • AD-11445:    Deprecate Spreedly
  • AD-11405:    Saferpay: Shoppers are told to click "Pay", but there is no "Pay" button
  • AD-11382:    Postfinance - Make "Create order after payment" default for remaining payment methods
  • AD-11344:    Remove Authorize.net Cartridge

6.17.140 / 7.86.0:

  • UNITY-8523:  Link Help Video: Link is Not Visible in Swiss Shops with German Language
  • UNITY-8518:  UnitySF: Delivery thresholds regulation - Add to basket not possible in shop from North Ireland
  • UNITY-8508:  Link Help Video: Shop Status
  • UNITY-8498:  Link Help Video: Manage Categories
  • UNITY-8497:  Link Help Video: Product overview
  • UNITY-8480:  Wrong gross value for payment method when delivery threshold is activated
  • UNITY-8476:  REST: Add Shop Attributes to /shops/ShopID endpoint
  • UNITY-8475:  MBO: Helpcenter link:  Taxation of fixed payment method discounts/surcharges
  • UNITY-8470:  PPCP: Update links for EnablePayLaterBannersTooltipLinkText + Link
  • UNITY-8446:  ePagesj indexing fails if invalid utf-8 chars are used in input fields
  • UNITY-8365:  UnitySF: Wrong coupon discount, if there are quantity changes on basket page
  • UNITY-8314:  Make reCaptcha configurable on a per shop basis
  • UNITY-8279:  UnityMBO: DHL shipping - Automatic creation of shipping label from order list not possible

6.17.139 / 7.85.0:

  • UNITY-8455:  Now: Change postcode Code for Livigno
  • UNITY-8428:  Improvement: Price Preview in MBO is not correct
  • UNITY-8422:  Cart creation via REST API fails when taxation option is "by destination country"
  • UNITY-8393:  Order document batch action order status
  • UNITY-8364:  Deprecate Google Shopping
  • UNITY-8362:  Dashboard notification about EoL of the ftp integration
  • UNITY-8361:  Inform merchants about EoL of the ftp integration on the Google Shopping settings page
  • UNITY-8360:  Restructure Google Tab pages
  • UNITY-8359:  Remove Feature Google Ads if unused (deprecation)
  • UNITY-8307:  Enable limiting of PPCP payment methods as a feature
  • AD-11394:    MBO/ Base: Mollie (new) orders are marked as "conflict", even though payment in Mollie is registered.
  • AD-11379:    Saferpay (New) - Make "Create order after payment" default for remaining payment methods
  • AD-11378:    Paybox - Make "Create order after payment" default for remaining payment methods
  • AD-11349:    Remove Saferpay (Old) Cartridge
  • AD-11348:    Remove Realex Cartridge

6.17.138 / 7.84.0:

  • UNITY-8431:  PayPal Checkout: Can't call method "instanceOf" on an undefined value at /srv/epages/eproot/Cartridges/DE_EPAGES/PayPalPPCP/Hooks/OrderProcess.pm line 161.
  • UNITY-8405:  epagesj: products and categories API, java.lang.NullPointerException with empty list price on master product
  • UNITY-8394:  Now: Order documents show article number in light grey
  • UNITY-8308:  inform merchants that SEPA is not available through Mollie

6.17.137 / 7.83.0:

  • UNITY-8331:  Price text preview MBO: Illegal division by zero at UnityMBO-Product.TabPage-General.html line 527.
  • UNITY-8310:  EBAY: deprecating the following request header:   X-EBAY-C-MARKETPLACE-ID
  • UNITY-8309:  Now/MBO: Google Tag Manager, unable to save settings in marketing page
  • AD-11343:    Remove 4B Cartridge
  • AD-11334:    Remove Cartridge SipsAtos
  • AD-9703:     REST API: improve the customers GET request

6.17.136 / 7.82.0:

  • UNITY-8298:  Mollie: Remove Sepa icon from list of available payment methods
  • UNITY-8278:  Attribute CustomizedTextUnity doesn't exist in class LineItemDeposit
  • UNITY-8265:  DHLIntraship: Shipping number is missing on shipping label
  • UNITY-8259:  Moving Shore feature in back office menu structure under the Marketing tab
  • UNITY-8248:  Now / MBO: DHL shipping, shipping label is automatically created with the invoice
  • UNITY-8126:  "New" Label
  • UNITY-8030:  Add setting for menu visibility of categories
  • AD-11333:    Now: Link to Google Merchant Center Account not working
  • AD-11234:    Deprecate Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • AD-11229:    Deprecate Worldpay

6.17.135 / 7.81.0:

  • UNITY-8226:  Now: PayPal button displaces total in checkout process
  • UNITY-8224:  Now: Change of font color in order documents not transferred to PDF
  • UNITY-8216:  SEO title gets cut off at 50 chars even though we state that it should be 70 chars
  • UNITY-8189:  Add setting to switch on/off VAT text if no VAT is present
  • UNITY-8158:  Price text preview in Administration
  • UNITY-4891:  CSV Import: ProductDataSheet EnergyLabelSourceFile can contain whitespaces in filename after import
  • AD-11329:    add perl module  Imager::QRCode
  • AD-11327:    Infinite loop caused by saving a "bad" OrderConfirmationText in MBO
  • AD-11321:    RedSys - order creation after payment
  • AD-11320:    TrustedShops: Error message from TrustedShops/Scripts/updateCertificates.pl
  • AD-11310:    Base SF: wrong unit in bulk pricing list info box
  • AD-11298:    Base: Additional html classes on the basket page
  • AD-11237:    Deprecate Sagepay (Opayo)
  • AD-11235:    Deprecate Ingenico
  • AD-11050:    Mediafinanz - Deprecation

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